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Brothers In Arms 2 Global Front HD

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Brother In Arms 2 Global Front HD (2010) Gameloft 

- Description :
On these battlefields, soldiers become heroes.
Now you can play the highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series for FREE! Prepare to step onto the most intense and explosive battlefields of WWII.

-Download via mediafire : format 7zip. bisa dibuka dengan winrar

-Cara instal :
1. Copy BIA2.X8.apk ke  sembarang directory dari pc ke hp.
2. Instal BIA2.X8.apk.
3.  Copy  bia2  ke sdcard/gameloft/games/
4. Jangan mengubah nama folder.
5. Mainkan game-nya.
nb : dibutuhkan 320mb sdcard space untuk gamedata, sedangkan game-nya sendiri 12mb.


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