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GO locker theme template is a packaged template for GO Locker. 
Users can modify the pictures and parameters with it to make their own locker themselves. 
And it is able to avoid any problems of the theme which is made by users at the same time.

For the crowd:
1. Users who want to make their own locker theme
2. Users who know some JAVA programming
3. Users who fit with above two points

How to use:
1. Download JDK (Attachments 1), unzip and install.
2. Download GO Locker Theme Template(Attachment 2), unzip
3. Read ‘GO Locker Theme Maker Tutorials.doc’ to learn the procedure and method
4. Try to make your own theme now!

-> Attachment 1JDK

-> Attachment 2GOLocker Theme Template

official blog of GO Launcher : golauncher.goforandroid.com

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